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BLOG: Flawless cyber crime investigation method for Digital India

From the CEO's desk

Flawless cyber crime investigation method for Digital India

12th MAR 2018

Hello Everyone!

All of us have been witnessing the ICT growth in India. Email, Social media, VoIP, IoT... Technology is becoming accessible to more people by the day. However we also know that along with great benefits, this (haphazard) growth brings some natural problems with it. One of them is - increasing cyber crimes.

Many of us have observed that cyber crime doesn't harm only the victim but the lack of instruments to solve cyber crime cases also harm innocent citizens who have absolutely no connection with the crime. There have been incidents in the past in which the IP address based investigation method had led to spoiling lives of innocent citizens.

Current investigation method followed by cyber crime cells often depends on the vague / incomplete / unreliable data provided reluctantly by social media platforms and telephone / internet companies. Experts would know that a new IP address is allotted automatically, dynamically and frequently without any choice to the internet user, almost every-time when a user connects (or reconnects internally during a session) to the internet. In case of poor network (which is common in our country) this IP allocation / reallocation frequency increases drastically. In such a scenario IP address used by a criminal can be randomly allotted to anyone who has no connection with the crime, immediately before or after or for some time during the crime. In other forms of crimes the inquiry would happen of a person who has at-least some connection with the criminal or with the victim. Whereas here virtually every internet user is at the risk of getting trapped as a suspect in a cyber crime case. When police call innocent citizens for inquiry, such inquiry itself becomes not less than punishment for them. It is needless to say that this situation can also further be misused to target someone.

If this continues and when many innocents start suffering, there is a possibility of people fearing to use internet - which can be a setback for the nation. This can be avoided with easy techno provisions and solutions designed in collaboration with telephone / internet companies and social media platforms. It would help in reducing cyber crimes and further in identifying cyber criminals more accurately and in less time by saving resources of investigation agencies.

If you are one of the persons who makes / executes the law or advices the law makers, you might have already thought over this and evaluated better solutions. I just humbly wanted to bring this to your notice once again to help Digital India head in the right direction.

Thank you!