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BLOG: Masked-communication

From the CEO's desk


21st JAN 2021

Hello Everyone!

COVID control methods have mutated into masked-communication!

In pre-covid era criminals used masks; today one is considered a criminal if they aren't wearing a mask. Such rules are a favourite way of policy makers to transfer the responsibility to citizens. E.g. they can't copy roads of foreign countries hence they find an easier way to copy their motor vehicle act. This mostly leads to increased corruption and harassment of people. Seeing the way most people are using masks, it can be clearly understood that the forceful masking can do more harm than good. One of the harms is - getting infected with Corona itself. It can also put people at an increased risk of other ailments, which, by the way, still do exist.

It is interesting to learn how a mask affects the communication between humans. Communication is deeper than mere exchange of words. Expressions play an important role in communication. Good communication has always been a challenge. With masks on face the situation has worsened. This masked-communication is a new phenomenon that lies somewhere between communication and miscommunication. We need to unmask at the earliest to get ourselves, therefore the world, back on track. With the 'naturally' decreasing spread of COVID, we should soon be able to improve our productivity by communicating without masks.

Thank you!