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BLOG: Reverse engineering the sentiments (& results) through social media

From the CEO's desk

Reverse engineering the sentiments (& results) through social media

30th MAY 2018

Hello Everyone!

Why is social media so powerful in influencing the masses? Our research and experiments reveal a few key reasons.

Though Facebook's financial ownership is with Zuckerberg & team, its inventional ownership is with the 2 billion (and growing) active users. As a result, companies like FB are forced to take efforts in restricting undesired usage of their platforms. However, winning supporters/ customers through social media doesn't necessarily be via the 'Cambridge Analytica' way.

Beliefs are brain tattooed through social media naturally during the process of defending a posted thought. Therefore a user who initially posts something randomly, is likely to end up becoming a hard core believer in what he posted. Once we understand this fact, the strategies of winning supporters/ customers/ channel partners OR making the existing ones more loyal, become clearer. (Check the interesting results by making a chain smoker regularly share anti smoking posts on his social media page.)

While experts worldwide are looking for better ways to market, sometimes by cheating the algorithms, a fair, centrally controlled mass-personalized method of campaigning through channel partners/ volunteers/ customers in the organization's own network seems to be far more effective and 90% cheaper. One of our ideas - 'polipics' (a platform to control who in the organization's network says what and when and how, on social media; without special training to anyone) gives an opportunity to any business/ political party/ government to reverse engineer the desired results. Unsure if the EVMs are hacked, hacking (nurturing) brains with the right (correct) technology is easier for sure.

Thank you!