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BLOG: The epidemic of lockdown

From the CEO's desk

The epidemic of lockdown

13th JULY 2020

The return of lockdown in various parts of the state after a few weeks of relaxation has shocked everyone. How effective will these new lockdowns be or how effective was the previous mega lockdown in combating Corona, is questionable. However the ill effects of lockdown on the economic and social ecosystem could be clearly seen. What is the effect of panic buying and people gathering in shops to stock up essentials – seems to be an irrelevant question for policy makers.

It is certain that patients of other ailments, ordinary citizens and many young entrepreneurs who usually dedicate their lives to set up businesses in various fields from agriculture to IT will once again find themselves in trouble, due to the returned lockdown. This second lockdown has plunged everyone - who is mentally and financially broken after 2-3 months of restrictions and who has been trying hard to make a comeback for the last few days - into a deep abyss of uncertainty.

COVID crisis is different, but it has to be dealt with by keeping public life in order - is the clear opinion of everyone, from a CEO to a housemaid. The picture of people opposing the lockdown keeping aside their political views is also being seen on social media. According to many the haphazard decisions of lockdown are being taken either mindlessly or due to vested interest. Body's immunity will fight the disease, but this lockdown epidemic needs to be stopped first for human's survival.

Thank you!