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BLOG: Use less social media marketing

From the CEO's desk

Use less social media marketing

7th JUL 2019

Hello Everyone!

Brands/businesses maintain their social media business pages, often by outsourcing the activity to social media marketing agencies. These agencies are a dime a dozen and they make good money by fooling the business owners. Typically they consist of graphic designers who can use graphic design software, content writers capable of regularly writing for brands/businesses created by others and irrespective of the business domain, and social media experts who recently completed a 72-hour social media marketing course. Usually these agencies have no clue about how social media algorithms work, how user behavior is changing and how does the future of social media look like. In case they know this even roughly, they don't share it with their clients for it would instantly make them jobless.

Organic reach of business accounts on social media doesn't bring in any business in most cases today. With organic reach of business pages dropped to 1% - 2%, only business owners and their employees feel happy seeing their fancy business page which is reaching to the same set of 50 people weekly and sometimes receive 20+ likes. When it comes to generating business (which is the purpose of any publicity), having a business page on social media and not having it, are the same. In fact a public business page is a place where displeased customers and trolls express freely.

Social media platforms have gathered a lot of data about users, therefore occasional targeted marketing with paid ads can be helpful. However with more businesses bidding for the limited ad slots - CPM, CPC are increasing by the day. According to recent reports, FB CPM median is $8.4 (approx. Rs 0.5 per impression).

In short, business pages should be maintained by business owners or by people involved in the business, to share their experiences, once in a while, or as per their expressive appetite. Paid campaigns can be used when required. While organic reach of business accounts continues to decline, personal profile pages have always been and will remain the backbone of social media. Therefore for regular organic reach - an out of the box method of reaching out to the end consumers through the channel partners' personal profile accounts on social media and messenger (such as WhatsApp) groups, is the only practical solution at present. Do visit for a proven cost-effective organic reach solution OR contact to know the right social media strategy for your business.

Thank you!